Social & YouTuber Videos

With nearly 5 years of experience producing social video for a range of diverse outlets and on a variety of unique topics, I continue to hone my strategy to capture an impatient audience with compelling stories. I own the video production process from concept to scripting, shooting, editing, and the final cut. Once uploaded to YouTube and other social channels, I carefully select keywords, titles, and thumbnails to maximize the audience for the content. 

Kylie Queen YouTube Channel


I'm passionate about concerts, so I turned that passion into a YouTube channel. I shared concert reviews, merch hauls, and interviews and games with artists. I love the community I built with the Kylie Queen channel. This channel is currently being reimagined for a late 2018 launch. The channel will have the same emphasis on music and fan girl culture with added lifestyle content and a new, fresh vibe.


WJBQ Q97.9


Nabisco 1D VIP Tour Correspondent