Real Estate Profiles

Real Estate business profile with client testimonial

Realtors in the Portland, Maine market need custom marketing tools to stay ahead of their competition in the super saturated market. I worked with Vitalius Real Estate to produce this Zillow profile video to introduce their brokers to potential new clients.

Cumberland East Listing Profile

Vitalius Real Estate Group wanted a different approach for marketing their listings in a new condo conversion on Munjoy Hill. The goal was to highlight the building and the unit as well as the neighborhood for potential buyers. 

YouTube Preroll Ads

Credit union product showcase for use as a YouTube Preroll Ad

Five County Credit Union needed a 30-second spot to run as preroll on YouTube showcasing their autoload program. The featured testimonial is a real Five County member sharing her true experience with the credit union. 

Salem Nissan Business Profile

Salem Nissan needed a 30-second spot to run as preroll showcasing their unique family run business in Salem, New Hampshire. Three interviews were conducted and condensed into a teaser video to promote their business.

15-Second YouTube Pre-Roll for Recruitment

Maine's Credit Unions search for a new Young & Free Maine Spokester each year to educate the 18 to 25 crowd on topics of financial literacy. The job is based in online, so the main tool to advertise the position was this 15-second YouTube preroll ad that mirrored the radio campaign.

Animated Explainers

Custom animation with stock graphics and in-house voiceover

This custom animation piece was created for Synergent, a credit union technology and service provider. This was a value-added piece for Synergent's member credit unions. The goal was to communicate the benefits and uses of the Shared Branch Network in a simple, sharable format. Since the launch of this video and it's companion pieces, credit unions across the country have shared it on their websites and social channels. Concept, scripting, and animation are my own. Graphics are stock.

Custom Animation with Stock Graphics and In-House Voiceover

This value added piece for Synergent clients gave credit unions a tool to education their members about their online account opening options. Concept, scripting, and animation are my own. Graphics are stock.